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Dylan Hansch

TigerNode Founder and Owner

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About Me

Hi, I'm Dylan. I'm a programmer, computer geek, car enthusiast and entrepreneur. I'm passionate about quality.

I seem to somehow always be working on something.. I have experience with both hardware and software so if you need any help or are looking for someone to hire who will get the job done right, send me a message!

Ever since I can remember I've had an interest in computers. Over the years I've successfully taught myself several programming languages, learned how to manage servers large and small, and started a few successful businesses.


System Status Open Source

System Status is a server status dashboard for server providers and individuals alike who want a page to view live resource usage across their network.

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TigerPanel is a completely custom game and voice server control panel built from the ground up specifically for TigerNode. Once complete, TigerPanel will allow us to offer things other hosting companies simply cannot.


TigerStaff is the employee portal/payroll system built specifically for TigerNode. This also automates several tasks at TigerNode and significantly reduces headache in day-to-day operations.


Elcro-Checkout is a payment tracking system I developed for a friend. He worked on design and I wrote the backend. We have plans to extend it in the future to track orders and manage clients of his.

Lavahub Minecraft plugin Open Source

Lavahub is a Minecraft server plugin that provides custom features and enhancements to the Lavahub Minecraft server. Yes a bit childish, however I started this project originally to learn Java. Now that I'm more fluent, I'm working to complete the more complex features.

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FitCraft Minecraft plugin

FitCraft is a Minecraft server that introduces a new fitness based economy into the game using a currency called FitCoins. FitCoins are earned by being active in the real world. Each step you take (tracked by the FitCraft app) translates to FitCoins that you can use in FitCraft. I was hired to develop the plugin for the Minecraft server plugin responsible for handling in-game movement and currency.

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Work Experience

Owner/Founder - TigerNode (Jun. 2016 - Present)

TigerNode is a web and Minecraft hosting company that provides secure high performance hosting at an affordable price. My daily tasks consist of sales and customer support, system administration, programming, and management.

Support Operator - Shockbyte (Dec. 2015 - Present)

Shockbyte is a game server host that has been providing cheap and reliable Minecraft and Teamspeak servers since 2013. As a part of the Shockbyte customer support team, I work in a very fast paced environment where we handle hundreds of tickets a day. In addition to providing basic customer support, I'm also doing server setups for Shockbyte customers (premium addon).

Owner/Founder - Advantage Servers (Apr. 2014 - Dec, 2015)

Advantage Servers was a successful Minecraft server host that provided a premium hosting experience at a competitive rate. I had several tasks including management, sales, software development, system administration, and customer support. We had a small, but highly skilled team of individuals who assisted in those day to day tasks. I ended up selling the company to Shockbyte end of 2015.